About Mountain-Op:

Our goal is to raise money for charities that support the environment and our outdoor lifetyles.

To do that, we built a search engine with over a million prices on outdoor gear so that you can easily find the lowest prices on the gear you need. When you purchase gear through our affiliate links (the 'buy now' links), we get a percentage of that sale from the retailer that you buy the gear from. To say "Thank you", and to help support the outdoor community we love so much, we donate over 25% of the profits from your purchase to a charity.

Interested in submitting a charity of your own? Use the feedback button on the left side of your screen to let us know!

-the mountain-op team

About UpaDowna:

UpaDowna was founded with the mission of getting folks off of the couch and out into the wild. At its creation, the name UpaDowna was simply a clear and concise way of describing our way of life; "Up a Mountain, Down a Beer".

As we have grown and noticed that our mission has broadened from the focused 21+ age group to an all encompassing mission and we see great value in our ability to expand our demographic to allow you, the adventurer, to own UpaDowna and make it yours. Sure we will always hold UpaDowna's original meaning near and dear, but now you have the freedom to choose your own adventure! As UpaDowna becomes your lifestyle, you can fill in the meaning to fit your adventure "Up a ________ Down a __________."

This site serves as a means to bring people together in a celebration of like minded folks that have a need to cure their A.D.D. (Adventure Deficit Disorder) by encouraging you to get outdoors. By reaching out through our community programs both educational and fun filled we will show you the path into the hills by providing information on backpacking, hiking, camping, cycling, climbing, bouldering, wilderness survival, skiing, snowboarding, and beer!!!

There are going to be deviations to the theme brought about by the adventures we take but all postings will be be based on enjoyment of the outdoors. Here is a place to come and learn about the great outdoors!

UpaDowna's Inaugural Group Hike A Blast!

Over 30 people came out to our inaugural monthly hike! (This photo was taken at the end of the hike. Next time we'll take the group shot at the beginning!). Every 3rd Sunday, we'll feature a new hike or outing somewhere along the front range, maybe even beyond! Check the events page for details!


Thanks Mountain Matters!


A big thanks to Corrine K. for capturing all the photos. Team UpaDowna’s time for the 70 mile team relay was 9:52:00 and finished about 38th out of 160 teams!!!

Click here to view their website or to donate directly.

UpaDowna Needs Your Help

UpaDowna could win a charity donation of $5,000, but they need your help to do so! If you think UpaDowna is a great organization, GO VOTE FOR THEM. You can vote every week!